Quality assurance

Sung Wei applies advanced product quality planning (APQP) procedures to ensure that all customer requirements and specifications can be fulfilled in production. Our team has received training for VDA 6.3 and project management.

Quality control

Sung Wei applies industry standard incoming, in-process and final inspections for all production lots. Tests include:

  • 100% AOI (automatic optical inspection) and electrical testing
  • 100% resistance test for STH/CPTH parts
  • 100% HiPot test for IMS parts
  • Micro-sections to check line/space and vias
  • Solder mask adhesion test
  • Surface finish thickness by x-ray (HASL, Immersion tin, ENIG) and UV spectrophotometer (OSP)
  • Physical dimensions by 3D measurement system
  • Solderability by IR, solder dipping and floating tests

First articles are tested for thermal stress and ionic contamination. For more extensive reliability and release tests Sung Wei uses certified third party laboratories.

Organization & reporting

Sung Wei has dedicated team to address customer related quality issues and reporting. Both standard first article inspection report as well as customer specific reports are available.


Sung Wei has certified quality, safety and environmental systems. View a copy of certificate by clicking below link (pdf file):

Sung Wei has UL approval under number E74739, see details.

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