Sung Wei makes PCBs for world leading brands in consumer and automotive electronics markets. Our PCBs are used in cars and other vehicles, gaming devices, computer peripherals, TVs, white goods as well as many type of lights.

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Sung Wei focuses on copper paste through hole (CPTH), silver paste through hole (STH) technologies as well PCBs for LED applications. LED PCBs are built using printed through hole (PTH) and singled sided (SS) technologies. Sung Wei has capability to process insulated metal substrate (IMS) laminates.

For more detailed capability information, please download SW capability table (pdf file).

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Good quality and excellent customer satisfaction are cornerstones of Sung Wei’s operations. Our quality management is based on certified IATF 16949 system (formerly TS 16949). Other certifications include environmental (ISO 14001) as well as occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001/GBT 28011) management systems.

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Shenzhen Sung Wei Electronics is a leading maker of silver through hole (STH), copper paste through hole (CPTH) and insulated metal substrate (IMS) printed circuit boards (PCB).

Sung Wei is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, PRC.

Sung Wei serves global automotive and consumer electronics companies.

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